Are State Schools in the UK Better Than Private Schools?

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Did you know that more than a quarter of 1 million children in the United Kingdom attend failing state schools?

Even with the attendance numbers for private and independent schools schools dropping in recent years, private schools are still punching well above their weight given. This is surprising if you know that private schools in the UK merely educate 7% of the entire population.

Some point out that private tuition in the United Kingdom may be falling behind some of the improvements in our public school system. Yes, it is sure that increasingly more parents may be struggling to pay for private school fees, then again they are more than willing to pay for tutors.

Fred now, approximately 25% of children in the UK and more than 50% of those in the capital are having private tuition. This raises the legitimate question how those children are still be able to enjoy a normal childhood if they are average day consists of little more than learning these days.

Several education experts in the United Kingdom are criticising our public school system when it comes to teaching socialisation skills. In our public school system is often relentless pressure to teach to a narrow Ofsted agenda where greats have priority before anything else. This goes so far that some schools even sacrificing extracurricular activities such as educational or sport related trips fear that such might affect grades negatively.

It’s a fact that private schools in the United Kingdom are doing a lot better when it comes to extracurricular activities. And it is often those activities where valuable skills and character traits such as responsibility are taught. You can get more information on the various benefits of private schools at prep school Hertfordshire.

Software To Help With Your Shipping Challenges

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international shippingIf one thing is a given, it is that the shipping business is one of those types of businesses were there can be some of the biggest challenges as compared to many other types of businesses.

Amongst the reasons for the many obstacles in import and export is that this usually involves numerous stages that all demand careful attention, where most of those stages are very intolerant for potentially made errors.

A typical process in this business may start out with a customer enquiry and order and may end with the successful timely delivery of your goods. There can be other stages involved such as the invoicing process and if we are talking about international shipping we will in addition face a better of challenges in regards to customs regulations and applicable laws, depending where to you are shipping your goods.

With each of those stages there will come a mound of paperwork. The entire process from the initial customer order to the delivery must be documented. Customs in particular are very unforgiving for and complete or missing forms. This doesn’t even take into account shipping charges that can vary considerably.

Because of the above reasons it  should be clear that any shipping and import & export business can profit from using specialised software such as shipping software or software for the management of shipping documentation. While a small business that only deals with a number of domestic customers may on occasion get away without shipping software, it is pretty much mandatory for any larger enterprise or for a company that ships internationally.

Today, software makers provide various types of software for shipping documentation that can cover the essentials only up to software packages that won’t leave any wishes open. If you are in the shipping business it can be recommended that you get knowledgeable about what shipping software out there to help your business. Better efficiency and significant cost savings can be the reward.

About E-Invoicing And Why You Need It

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E-Invoicing is not less revolutionary than e-mail although not many suppliers and online vendors take yet advantage of it. Simply spoken, e-invoices can save you a lot of time and money.

There are many suppliers today which may well use all the latest tech when it comes to ordering and mailing their goods, yet, their invoices are still the same PDF files that get printed out on paper and will then be mailed. On the other end, the receiver of the invoice will have to manually enter the invoice data into their systems to process them. A lot of time is wasted by doing this.


Electronic invoicing has the advantage that it can make use of the very same PDF invoices that many suppliers use. Rather than mailing the invoice on paper or just adding it to a shipment, the invoice is emailed to a cloud-based electronic invoice service.

The e-invoice provider service is digitally reading the invoice and dispatches the information it to the receiver. On the receiver’s end, the digital invoice can immediately be automatically processed.

Advantages for the supplier are that they can immediately switch to e-invoices since it doesn’t require any change in their current process. Most immediate steps that were previously required to send and receive invoices are not needed any longer. Creating, receiving and having processed an invoice can happen in a minute or less as compared to several days when an invoice had to be sent via mail.

If you’re interested in switching to electronic invoicing I recommend you see the Cloud Trade Network for the latest e-invoice information and the many benefits it will have for your business.


Sellers Suffering From Recent ‘1p Glitch’ On Amazon

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Amazon_co_ukA glitch on Amazon this past week lead to that many items, from clothing to toys, mattresses or home accessories be listed for only 1p.

The reason for this had been a glitch in the 3rd party online vendor system RepricerExpress.

What was welcomed by many shoppers who boasted about their incredible 1p deals on various social media such as twitter or facebook turned out a nightmare for many online vendors.

While Amazon stated that many of the orders had immediately cancelled after the glitch was discovered, several vendors suffered immense financial losses because of the error. Some of the vendors on Amazon reported losses in excess of £30,000 within just an hour. One vendor reported losing more than £100,000.