How Outdoor Fire Detectors Work

Posted by admin on June 24, 2019 under Tips | Comments are off for this article

fcam3What Is an Outdoor Fire Detector?

Among the most common systems in use today for outdoor fire detection are digital fire cameras which have the capability to spot fires from video.

Modern fire cameras such as the FCam can reliably detect fires essentially in real-time as they happen.

What makes outdoor fire detectors so effective?

Smoke alarms for example have a very limited range which means they can only detect fires or smoke within an enclosed space. This is also why ordinary smoke alarms can only work reliably indoors. Outdoor fire detectors, on the other hand, unlike these older devices, do not need to be installed close to a potential source of a fire if their range goes much further. A typical use for an outdoor fire detector could be to oversee a forest or a mountain range, but it can also be used to oversee large industrial plants or any other large spaces.

Aside from the disadvantage that smoke alarms can only work in enclosed spaces and have a limited range, they are normally also quite simple. A typical smoke alarm will merely sound an alarm in case of a fire. But what if the home business owner isn’t present when a fire breaks out? Fire detection cameras can also automatically summon responders in the event of a fire. This makes them ideal not just for businesses but also for homes, as they can provide increased fire safety even if the homeowner is away.

Lastly, installing an outdoor fire detector is quite easy if one already has a video camera system in place. You can simply replace any ordinary camera with a fire camera so you can enjoy increased fire safety for your home or business.