Are State Schools in the UK Better Than Private Schools?

Posted by admin on February 13, 2016 under News | Comments are off for this article


Did you know that more than a quarter of 1 million children in the United Kingdom attend failing state schools?

Even with the attendance numbers for private and independent schools schools dropping in recent years, private schools are still punching well above their weight given. This is surprising if you know that private schools in the UK merely educate 7% of the entire population.

Some point out that private tuition in the United Kingdom may be falling behind some of the improvements in our public school system. Yes, it is sure that increasingly more parents may be struggling to pay for private school fees, then again they are more than willing to pay for tutors.

Fred now, approximately 25% of children in the UK and more than 50% of those in the capital are having private tuition. This raises the legitimate question how those children are still be able to enjoy a normal childhood if they are average day consists of little more than learning these days.

Several education experts in the United Kingdom are criticising our public school system when it comes to teaching socialisation skills. In our public school system is often relentless pressure to teach to a narrow Ofsted agenda where greats have priority before anything else. This goes so far that some schools even sacrificing extracurricular activities such as educational or sport related trips fear that such might affect grades negatively.

It’s a fact that private schools in the United Kingdom are doing a lot better when it comes to extracurricular activities. And it is often those activities where valuable skills and character traits such as responsibility are taught. You can get more information on the various benefits of private schools at prep school Hertfordshire.