Don’t Let Your Office Furniture Ruin Your Health

Posted by admin on May 14, 2019 under Tips | Comments are off for this article

20200-1It is amazing. We tend to spend fortunes on computers and other high-tech state-of-the-art office equipment.

But when it comes to furniture we head over to the next best neighbourhood discounter to get this “amazing deal” on an office chair or computer desk.

This is the more astonishing if you realise that we may well spend a majority of our live sitting on this very same computer chair, bent over this very same computer desk that we got for a bargain price just last week.

It’s astonishing since the negative effects on our health from unhealthy furniture, particular office furniture such as computer chairs and desks are not exactly a secret.

Businesses in the United Kingdom are in fact losing millions each and every year due to sick days, expenses for medical care or increased stress and lack of focus at work which, you guessed it, is often brought on by insufficient and unhealthy office furniture.

All it takes to prevent often significant health problems would be to invest some money into ergonomic office furniture. Better ergonomics at the workplace would not only significantly helped with the rules are followed health problems (back pain, wrist pain etc.) but has shown to also play a critical part to be able to focus better. Short: Various types of work, especially the work in a typical office environment can go much better when the office is equipped with modern ergonomic furniture.